Kids Birthday Cakes

A selection of cake flavors are available to suit every taste, from rich fruit or chocolate sponge to vegetarian options such as carrot cake and egg-less sponge. Not only will it look great, but it will also taste great too!

Please look through the gallery to see a small selection of my work. You are sure to find something you like at a competitive price.


It is difficult to set up a price list for cakes as each one is individually made and they all vary so much. They are priced according to complexity, design and the time it takes to create the cake. As a guide, prices start from $ 80 for standard novelty cake $120 for a 2 tier cake and from $200 for a 3 tier cake. Cupcakes start from $3.00 each. The more sugar flowers and/or piping on the cake the more expensive it will be.